You do not need to have a Validately account to be an observer.  This will allow you to invite stakeholders or other interested parties to observe your session and listen in!

Observers join the session in a similar manner as the test participants. The only exception being they will not be required to install an extension into their browser. 

Enter the Study URL into your Chrome or MS Edge browser. (*Do not log into Validately)

You will enter your name/email on this screen:

Next, you'll be taken through a quick, 2-minute tech check and will then be placed in a waiting room.

Just sit tight, there's nothing else you need to do!

Once the moderator starts the session with the test participant, everyone else in the waiting room will automatically become Observers. 

As an Observer, you can watch and listen as well as chat with your team. The test participant will not be aware of your presence.

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