First, copy and paste the session link/study URL into your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser that was provided by the researcher or in the confirmation email. 

This video will show you what to expect next once you open the link, or see step by step instructions below:

  • If you were invited by a colleague to join as a note taker, please follow the instructions here.  
  • If you were invited to join the session as an observer, please follow the instructions here.

For test participants:

  • If prompted, enter your name and email address then select Join. 
  • Next is a system check. Select Begin.
  • You'll  be asked to check your speakers and microphone first.  Please select "Allow" if prompted by Chrome or MS Edge.
  • Next is a camera check. If you have more than one camera available you will be given the opportunity to select the one you wish to use.  While you can join a session without having a camera, it is strongly recommended that you use one to add a more personal feel--you'll be face to face with a researcher!
  • Last, the Quality of Service Check will check your connection. This will take a few moments.  (Please be sure to be using a strong WiFi or ethernet connection where possible to ensure the best quality connection.   Cellular connections are usually not strong enough to support the bandwidth needed for these sessions)
  • When the tech check is finished, click Join Session. You will be placed in the waiting room. Sight tight and moderator will start the session soon!

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