When you are testing, it is important to provide a good session in order to qualify for payment.   

  • Set your session up for success by making sure that all of your equipment is working properly BEFORE beginning the test.    
  • Checking your wifi speed, (fast.com, speedtest.net)  
  • Ensuring that you will be conducting the testing on the latest version of Google Chrome or MS Edge.
  • Checking your audio quality

There are few important things to note when doing a Talk Aloud unmoderated test.  

  • Keep in mind that the clients want to know 1) what you are asked to do/what you are about to try and 2) your thought process as it is happening.   
  • It is very important that you speak clearly and you talk about what you are doing when starting a task and working through it.  
  • This video provides a good overview of how to do a good talk aloud.


  • In addition, be sure to answer any follow-up or survey questions after the testing to ensure you receive credit for completing the study.   

If all goes well with your session and the results, you will be paid within 7 days of completion of your test via PayPal. The client makes the final decision about when and whether payment will be made, as you are providing feedback for their research.

Be sure to check out our tester participation guidelines for moderated studies as well.

Reasons you can be removed from our panel:

  • Having multiple accounts
  • Lying about your location or in any way misrepresenting who you are
  • Not being honest in your answers or information provided
  • Fraudulent use of our service
  • Not showing up for your scheduled session
  • Cancelling your scheduled session without at least 2 hours notice
  • Multiple rescheduling of the same session

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