If you want to test an APK for Google Play, and you know the Open test link for the Play Store, testing is possible on Validately's platform.

Begin by entering the testing link as the starting URL for a Validately Native Android test. Please note that this will ONLY work with Open tests. 

Details about Testing within Google Play:

There are 3 test states the app can be in:

  1. Internal: Quickly distribute your app for internal testing and quality assurance checks
  2. Closed: Create a closed release to test pre-release versions of your app with a larger set of testers. Once you've tested with a smaller group of employees or trusted users, you can expand your test to an open release.
  3. Open: Create an open release to run a test with a large group and surface your app's test version on Google Play. If you run an open test, anyone can join your testing program and submit private feedback to you. Before choosing this option, make sure your app and store listing is ready to be visible on Google Play.

Things to know:

  1. Your test participant will need to accept an invite to the beta app.
  2. The test participant will likely not get access to the app immediately.

For these reasons, testing with My List may be most successful, as you can send the beta invite directly to your test participants and then they can access the Validately test once they have access to the beta. (This flow is not possible with the Validately panel for unmoderated testing, as the panel is anonymous and given access directly to the test immediately.)

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