For an overview of being a panelist, more information is available here.

To sign up as a panelist (tester), please use this link:

You will be completing an entry test.   This test will be rated as to how well you were able to speak aloud (clearly), ambient noise level, etc.   This will be used to qualify you for future tests, so do your best!

Test ratings take 7-10 days for the review process to complete.

If approved for the panel, you will then begin to receive notifications of tests that you might qualify for.

What is expected of a panelist (tester)?

--Speak aloud.   Describe the task you're given to complete, what you are doing, what you are seeing, what you are trying to accomplish.

--If something isn't where you were expecting it to be found, if you don't find something intuitive during your task, if you don't like something, talk about it!   You are not going to hurt feelings.....the customer wants to know what you really think of the site or app that you are testing.   This helps them to develop their best product.

--Keep in mind that you are working with prototype sites or apps, and due to this, not all buttons or menus do things.  But, for the task you're working on, things should work just fine.  (If not, speak up about it....what didn't work, what would you expect to see if it had, etc)

--After your set of tasks is complete, there may be follow up questions for you to do:   make sure to answer them completely and be honest about what you thought of this experience.

--Have fun!

--You will be paid via PayPal for successful tests that are uploaded completely.   Payment arrives in 7 business days on average.

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