When conducting a moderated session, it is possible to take notes that you can refer back to later.   You, as moderator, can do this (multi-tasking!), or another researcher who has joined as a Note Taker is able to assist in note-taking.  (Note Takers must be Researcher or Collaborator on the workspace and log into Validately to join the session)

After you've typed your note, simply press 'enter' or 'return' to make the note stick!

There is a difference between Notes and the Chat.

After beginning the recording session with the tester:

Notes:   are attached to your recording, are time-stamped, can be used in conjunction with flags and tags, and are able to be exported for use later alongside your recording.

Chat:  can be used only to communicate between moderator and observer or tester, but these messages do not get saved like notes and are unavailable after the session is completed.

Unmoderated notes:

Notes can be added to each recording, much like the notes for moderated. You must have Researcher permissions to add notes here.

Downloading notes:

Notes can be downloaded from each study in the Videos and Clips tab. These will be in .csv format and can then be imported to the spreadsheet software of your choice (Number, Excel, Sheets, etc)

Moderated notes download:

Unmoderated notes download:

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