Set yourself and your testers up for success during your study sessions!

Mobile Testing

If testing on mobile, download the latest version of the Validately app from the App Store or Play Store.  Participants need to have iOS 12.1+ or Android 8+.

We recommend closing out all apps that are not needed for the test session so as much of the phone's resources can be dedicated to the interview and tasks given.

Desktop Testing

Everyone must be on the latest version of Google Chrome or MS Edge to complete study sessions.   

If testing on desktop, the extension for Google Chrome can be downloaded ahead of time if desired (but  may be prompted to install the extension if it isn't already there at the time the session begins)

In General

• Testers and moderators can complete this system check to ensure that everything is ready before their scheduled session time:

• When conducting moderated studies, please do so from the strongest/most stable network connection possible. If at all possible, ethernet connections offer the most reliable experience, as this provides a hardwired, physical connection that does not fluctuate as much as a wireless connection can.

• Remember that a lot of bandwidth is required, as you are using audio, video, and screensharing all at once.    

• Speed is one part of this equation, and can be tested with

• Firewalls or VPNs can also cause connectivity problems. Here is how to adjust those settings, open ports and whitelist the provider.

• Sound and camera problems are often resolved with the steps listed in this article.

• Your test participants will join with the test link URL that you provide. Here is an overview of the process participants complete.

  • On a Mac and stuck in a weird loop of checking mic, starting screenshare, checking mic, starting screenshare? Or the participant says they are clicking to share screen but moderator sees that they have denied it? That is likely because of a change that Apple made to screensharing permissions. Here's how to fix that!
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