For moderators/researchers:

In the "Scheduled" tab of your study dashboard, you'll see a list of dates, times, participants and emails.   We've added a more prominent "Up Next" button so you can quickly see when your next session is.  

Also, on the right side of the page, you'll now see the option to easily mark a participant as a 'no show'.  (This button will automatically change from "Start Session" to "Mark as no-show" about 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the session.)

Before marking a tester 'no-show', please first refresh your Chrome browser, attempt to connect to the session again, and then contact us so that we can attempt to make contact with the tester or resolve any issues which may be preventing them from joining the session!   (Once you mark someone as 'no show', they cannot be rescheduled!) .   

We usually like to give a 'grace period' of about 10 minutes for testers to join the session, just in case they've run into anything unusual that may prevent them joining the session on time!

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