You can test for Native iOS Apps easily!

Start setting up your study, and be sure to choose Native iOS:

On the next screen, you'll need to supply the URL to your app in the App Store.  (Just replace the placeholder text here:)

This will take your tester right to your app in the App Store as soon as screensharing is started.

Set up the rest of your study with tasks and questions as usual!

Please note that during a Native iOS study, the participant will be guided to download the test app (if not already present).  They will need to go back and forth between the Test App and Validately (where the task button remains) by using their app switcher (either double-tapping the home button, or sliding up on their screen until they see the open app 'cards').   

iOS limits the flow for these tests, such that the user will go to Validately task, click complete, then be taken to the App Store (tap "Open" on the test app), then to the Test App.   Due to the closed coding of iOS, we cannot change this flow, so detailed instructions are important here!

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