How do we delete data?

When data is flagged for deletion, depending on our policy below, we will delete the relevant data on the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) filesystem after 30 days. You can read more about how GCP handles data deletion here

How do we anonymize data?

When data is flagged in our data base for anonymization, typically data that contains PII (Personally Identifiable Information, e.g., names, emails, etc), based on our policy below we will overwrite (not encrypt) the data in question with a randomly generated string.  Data is permanently and irrevocably destroyed.  There is no way to reverse it using an encryption key or similar means. Any database backups, and logs will reflect such changes as well.

Individual recordings

  • Marked as deleted immediately upon customer request

Expired accounts and account deletion requests

  • Marked for deletion 1 month after expiration

Prospect accounts (non-paid accounts)

  • Marked for deletion 12 month after no activity
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