Use these guidelines to ensure a smooth research session and payment upon completion.

Following these guidelines will heighten the moderator's trust in your responses and profile, helping to ensure you are paid for your time. Failing to follow these guidelines may result in no or reduced payment.

During your session, be sure to:

  • Participate in a well-lit room and quiet room.
  • Use headphones to ensure the best quality sound possible.
  • Focus on the moderator by making eye contact and listening carefully to their questions.
  • Stay in one place, unless otherwise asked to move about your location by the moderator.
  • Position your webcam or mobile device so you can be clearly seen and heard.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking during the session.
  • Avoid multi-tasking during the session.
  • Avoid having multiple people in the room who may distract you.
  • Avoid speaking to other people other than the moderator during the session.
  • Avoid public wifi (like coffee shops or restaurants) as these spaces often have unreliable connectivity.
  • Avoid rescheduling your session multiple times. Sessions that have been rescheduled more than once may be cancelled and could result in removal from our panel.
  • Avoid cancelling your session within a few hours of the scheduled time.   If this is an emergency/one-off situation, please contact us so that we can inform the researcher.  If this is a habitual behavior, it could result in removal from our panel.
  • Last-minute reschedules or cancellations will result in your account being flagged and may result in removal from our panel entirely.  Please be respectful of the researcher's time as well....they have scheduled time to meet with you and are waiting for you!

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