Transcription is a feature available to customers on our Collaborate and Enterprise plans. You can also access automatic transcription on the Free Trial. 

Here is a video on how to automatically transcribe a clip. 


  1. Create a video clip of the segment you want transcribed
  2. Navigate to Insights Report Tab
  3. Select the "+" and click on the recorder icon
  4. Select your video
  5. Boom - the video and its transcription populates instantly and is ready to share

Common Questions:

  1. Can I transcribe an entire video? Not currently but the option is coming. The workaround -- clip the entire recording. 
  2. Do I have to pay extra? No, the feature is available to Collaborate and Enterprise customers, there is no limit on the number of recordings you can have transcribed.
  3. How accurate is the transcription? The solution has been rated as best in market for auto-transcription. Reach out to for additional details. 

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