Who can join as a Note-taker?

Researcher users (Researcher role) and Collaborator users with login access to the study’s workspace can join as a Note-taker.   (People who do not belong to the workspace where the study was created will be unable to join as Note-taker. )

After logging in on validately.com. , click your test link.   Then select 'Join as a Note-taker' from the System Check screen.

It is possible to have more than one note taker in a session.  This is limited only by the number of researcher/collaborator seats you have.

The note-taker has limited control. They can:

  • Take live time-stamped notes, tag topics, flag moments
  • See a list of all participants in the session
  • Unmute their microphone 

Note-takers cannot:

  • Be seen on camera
  • Be heard by the test participant at first but can unmute their mics
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