You've just completed an unmoderated test and are uploading it.....but then it stays uploading for ages!   Why? 

Most often, this is related to your internet connection speed and stability.    

Internet speeds in homes are faster on download speed (for things like watching Netflix and browsing the internet), and slower on upload speeds (for sending emails, attaching files and photos, or submitting your Validately test).   

(Test your speed here:   For reference, we recommend at least 25-30 mbps for download and at least 10-12 mbps for upload speeds)

So what can you do?  

  1.  Ensure you are conducting your test from start to finish on a strong wifi connection, rather than using cellular data or public wifi.  
  2. Move closer to your wifi router.
  3. Can you connect an Ethernet cable to your device and modem to provide a strong, steady connection?  (Ethernet is faster and more reliable than wifi).
  4. Give it some time.  Sometimes it will take a bit longer than expected but will eventually upload once the connection stabilizes.

Still stuck?  Contact us ( and we can have a look to see if it's arrived to our server.   

Please note:  if your video does not upload, the client has nothing to review and cannot pay you.   Videos are not physically stored on your device, but upload in a stream as you test.

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