As a Validately participant, you are an independent contractor and responsible for determining and paying any tax liabilities incurred from payments received by You can view your payments through your PayPal account.  Below are instructions provided by PayPal:
View by Payments Received:

  1.  Log into PayPal
  2. Click on "History" and select "Basic Search"
  3. Click on "Payments Received"
    To see your most recent activity or find a specific transaction, click the links near the top of the page. You can download your transaction history into Quicken, QuickBooks, or into a spreadsheet application. From the 'History' page, you can download your account's History log:
  1. Click "Download History," which appears in the "More" drop-down list.
  2. Choose the date range of transactions you'd like to download and select the file type you want to save your History as.
  3. Click "Download History."

    Should I get a 1099?
    We do not send out 1099-MISC's to participants, as we pay you through PayPal, a third-party payment provider (see 1099-MISC Exemptions section here).  You are still, as always, responsible for reporting all earned income and should consult a tax professional for any tax advice. Here is more information regarding PayPal's reporting requirements, and here is more information from the IRS about reporting miscellaneous income.

Company Name 

B601 V2 Inc., dba Validately
Tax ID: 45-2942998

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