You're hoping to set up your moderated study to use your list of participants, but choose to let Validately handle Screening, Scheduling and Incentive.  (**Available on the Collaborate and Enterprise plans) What does that look like?  What correspondence do your participants receive?

You'll start by setting up your moderated study and choosing "Use Validately to screen, schedule, and compensate test participants"

Decide the number of responses you'll need for your study and create any screener questions:

Then, choose times on the study calendar that will work for you.  White squares are unselected, blue are available for someone to schedule, and when someone is scheduled at a time, that block will become green.  (Hovering over the green square will show the participant's name)

You can use our suggested text when you launch the study, or create your own to send to your list of participants.  You'll send the screener URL to them as well.

When the participant passes the screener and chooses a time slot, they will get an email from Validately so they can finish their confirmation.   This extra step ensures they can receive our emails and also they are are truly interested in participating!

Reminder emails are sent from Validately 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the session (and contain links for rescheduling and cancellation):

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