Before the session 

  • Scheduling in Validately is included
  • Calendar invites and email reminders are sent out automatically
  • Automatic incentive payment is an option
  • Screeners are included

During the session

  • Streamlined built in pre-session tech check reduces time spent with participants in advance of session
  • Time stamped notes
  • Notes with #hashtags for coding research 
  • Time stamped flags with keyboard shortcuts
  • Collaborative notes by any number of moderators or notetakers
  • Notetakers are NOT seen or heard by the participant
  • You can have up to 25 observers. They also aren’t seen or heard by the participant
  • Private chat with your team of notetakers and observers, no need to have Slack in the background
  • The test participant doesn’t need to learn how to use it
  • The desktop test participant does not need to install anything
  • The moderator can easily send URL changes to the test participants screen
  • Mobile testing includes test participant face, screen and where they tap

After the session

  • Videos are processed in seconds and all live on, not your local desktop hardware
  • Videos are stored in the cloud so can be securely shared with a link in seconds
  • Create clips on the web, no additional software required
  • Clips can be shared with anyone easily
  • Summary of insights from all the notes/tags from everyone who took notes
  • Power of an aggregated study where researcher can easily aggregate notes, hashtags, clips across all interviews for easy analysis
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