Our system is designed to prevent a participant from entering into your new study if they have completed one of your studies in the past 6 months.

It is possible, however, that someone can get into 2 of your studies that are launched around the same time (if the demographics and screener are the same or similar).   

Let's say that Respondent 123456 is invited to both Study A and Study B.   She completes Study A, and while her recording is uploading, she clicks the link to join Study B.   Because the system does not yet see a 'completed' response from her, she is not blocked from joining Study B.

If this happens, and you do not want feedback from the same participant, you can rate the recording as '1-star'.  This will cause the recording to be removed immediately from your results and prompt the system to recruit a new panelist for your study (without charge to you).

To avoid this remote possibility altogether, we recommend a staggered launch.  You can either wait for Study A to be filled prior to launching Study B, or at least allow a few hours or a day between launches.   We recognize this is not always possible, depending on research deadlines, so you can opt for the 1-star rating in these cases where you have a tight deadline.

Unsure if you have a duplicate participant?  Please let us know so we can have a look for you!   We would need the study names and the Respondent IDs in question so that we can verify for you!

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