If you are trying to share your screen on your iPhone , you should see this menu:

But what if Validately is not there or screensharing simply will not start?

It's possible that the Camera Roll will show in the menu instead.  This is because the last screen recording that iOS did was saved to the Camera Roll (you may have used screen capture to save a video of how to update your settings to send to a friend, etc). If that is the case or the screensharing option will just not start, you'll need to first force-quit your open apps, then attempt to screen share to Validately once again.

How do you force quit apps?  

  1.  You'll need to access the App Switcher--If you are on iPhone 8 or earlier, you'll double-tap your home button.  If you are on iPhone X or later, you'll swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause.   
  2. Once you're in the app switcher, swipe sideways until you find the target app, then swipe up on its app card to force-close it. 
  3. Repeat for any other app you wish to close.   
  4. Then you can return to the home screen again to start the test from the session link again.

Seeing this error message?

Loading System Recorder Failed

This is related to a setting in your iPhone. To adjust, you'll need to go here:

Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Screen Recording > Allow

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