When a participant starts an unmoderated study, everything begins with the study link. This link can either be provided via email or sent directly to the test participant. Once the link is opened in Google Chrome or MS Edge (the only 2 browsers that are currently supported), the tester will be prompted to take a screener designed by the researcher.

The question(s) in a screener will vary depending on what the researcher is looking for in a test participant. Remember, a tester's main expectation is to provide honest feedback. This feedback is used to help the researchers (our clients) complete their projects. 

On to the screener.

If tester answers the screener question(s) correctly, they will be moved forward. In some cases, they will asked to add your their and email. Sometimes not, it all depends on if the researcher requires that information. If asked, it will look like this.

Now, if the tester doesn't answer the screener in the way the researcher is looking for, they will be immediately disqualified from continuing. The tester will not be able to try the screener again.

Enough of the negative, let's get back to the positive. So the tester passed the screener and gave their name and email. The next step is the tester will be given a quick tutorial how the Task Button behaves. The Task Button can be clicked and dragged to any corner of the screen.

Now the tester is ready to start the test. If the tester does not have the Validately extension installed in Chrome or MS Edge, they will be prompted to do so at this point. It will look like this:

If they already have it installed, they will obviously skip this step.

Next, they are placed in a quick tech check. The tech check will make sure the test participant has a working microphone. Speaking out loud is ESSENTIAL when taking these studies. The researchers want to hear the test participant's thought processes as they go through each question. After the tester's microphone is confirmed, they will be prompted to share their screen. If the tester is using multiple monitors, they must choose to the screen where the study is located so their progress will be recorded.

Once the desired screen is shared, the test will begin.

Happy Testing!

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