If you are looking for Quantitative data from a large sample size, please know that Validately is a Qualitative tool.  Survey-only tests for a large sample size may be best done with another platform (UserZoom, Qualtrix, etc)

You do have a couple of options with Validately:

  1.  You can simply ask only survey/rating type questions and have the participants complete them.
  2.  You can test with anything that is URL-based, so it is possible to use a third-party survey tool if you are looking for more detailed data as a follow up to your qualitative test.

Simply paste the third-party URL/link into the unmoderated study set up and your participant will be able to complete the activity.  (For example, you would use a SurveyMonkey or TypeForm link for the participants to complete a survey as one of the Validately Tasks):

When it's done, you'll have the recording showing the participant working through all the Tasks and your follow up survey, along with the third-party survey data (from TypeForm, Survey Monkey, etc).

*If using a third-party option, it is important to remind the participants to return to the Validately task to also mark it "Complete".  This will ensure that, once all tasks are done, their recording will upload and the system will mark their session as complete (so they will be paid for their time and effort)

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