Validately does not have an integrated Card Sort Test or Tree Testing.  But this is achievable by using a third party link!

In your study set up, you'll need to use a URL that links to a Card Sort test or Tree Test that you've created in something like Optimal Workshop, etc.

The Task will be set up to instruct the participant to complete the card sort, then come back to the Validately task to mark it complete as well.  (This ensures that the study itself shows as complete and this, in turn, allows the participant to be paid for their time when our server receives the completed recording.  If they do not complete the Validately Task, the recording will not upload and they will not receive their incentive.)

Please note:    there is a 10-minute time-out feature for a Validately Task.  If the Task button is not interacted with in that timespan, the participant will receive a message that they have been inactive too long.   They simply need to open and close the Task button to 'reset' that time.   If they ignore the message, their test will be ended after the countdown.
You may want to note this in your study instructions if you think the Card Sort or Tree Test activities may take longer than 10 minutes.

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