• Avoid overlapping times:  Our calendar is not self-aware.  If you have more than one moderated study running at the same time, please ensure you do not have overlapping times.  (Unless you have 2 moderators, then this is not an issue!)
  • If you have added a manual calendar invite for Google or Outlook, these will not automatically update if there are changes, reschedules, cancellations.
  • Be careful of time zone/time selection.  We recommend avoiding any time selections such as EST, PST, etc.  It is best to select "America/Eastern" or "America/Pacific".  This will ensure that, in the case of Daylight Saving Time/Daylight Standard time changes, all information will be correct for your scheduled times as these update automatically.

  • Adding/removing times.  To add or remove times from your study calendar, please review this article. 
  • Invites and updates go to the person who launched study.  It is not possible for these system notifications to go to more than one email.
  • Scheduled tab  on your study page has the most up-to-date information regarding scheduled participants, reschedules and cancellations!  Ensure that you are seeing the most current information by checking this page regularly and refreshing the tab if you remain logged in for a while.
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