Thanks to everyone who registered for our recent webinar. Below is a brief summary of what we covered as well as a link to the webinar recording

New and Live Today! 💥

Moderator screen share
Moderators can now share their own screen with participants. This will allow you to get feedback without sharing access, and is a great solution for testing behind firewalls.

Move studies between workspaces
You now have greater freedom in moving studies between workspaces, allowing you to better find and manage your studies and workspaces.

Insights with comments and @mentions
The latest version of Insights Reports was developed as a collaborative space to comment and discuss findings.

Microsoft Edge support for all methods
Moderated and Unmoderated are supported in Microsoft’s updated Edge browser. Staying on the cutting edge FTW! 

Don’t forget about these helpful features! 💫

  1. Success URLs for Unmoderated
  2. Phone support for Moderated
  3. Changing URLs Live during Moderated
  4. Account management for teammates

Coming in the new few weeks 🔥

  • Upload your own videos to a moderated study
  • No chrome extension required for moderated sessions

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