Unable to choose a time zone by automatic geolocation? 

First, double check that location detection is enabled in Chrome or MS Edge (our platform only supports these browsers, so if you are using a different one, please try again from Chrome or Edge to see if you are successful)

(In the browser, this is seen in Preferences, Privacy and Security, Site Settings, Location:  

Automatic geolocation failure may be due to a firewall, IT profile, proxy, antivirus, etc.  (If your IT department is requesting information about whitelisting ports, you can find it here.

If your device is still blocking detection and automatic detection fails, you can manually select your time zone:

After you choose a time slot, you must do one last step by clicking a link in your email.

This will ensure that you are confirmed, that your email is able to receive notifications and reminders about your session (sent at 24-hours and 1-hour prior to your scheduled time):

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