When completing a $10 unmoderated test response, sometimes the upload can fail due to an interruption of the participant's connection.

The response is not saved to the test participant's hard drive,  so it is not possible to send that response separately. 

Unmoderated responses are streamed in chunks or packets of data and are sent consistently as the participant works through the study. This is why having a steady and strong connection is so important. 

Once the participant is at the end of the study, they are shown a progress percentage. This is not to show the progress of the entire response being uploaded, it is merely finalizing what was being uploaded the entire time.  If a large percentage of packets are lost from the response, the upload may fail or "hang" for an extended period of time.

When connection is lost, it can be the result of different factors:

  • The first place to look is the participant's connection speed. We recommend having a MINIMUM of 25MBPS download and 10-12 MBPS upload speeds. The tester can use a simple speed check service such as www.speedtest.net or www.fast.com to confirm their speeds. If the tester's connection is below the minimum recommendation, using a different network or trying a wired ethernet connection is advised.
  • If the test participant's bandwidth is at or above what is recommended, the issue could very well stem from an extension installed in their browser. We recommend removing any extension that is involved in pop-up blocking, location blocking,  private browsing, and user testing on other platforms. Do not turn off, remove them because they could still affect the connection even when disabled.  (These can be reinstalled when testing is complete!)
  • Using a VPN of any kind can also cause trouble when completing an upload. Remove the VPN entirely and try another study.
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