When setting up an Unmoderated study, the researcher can opt to use their own list of participants rather than sourcing from Validately's panel.

The researcher can then set up a Starting URL, Tasks, Follow up questions, and a Screener as they normally would.

Once the researcher is on the final step of the set up wizard, they can choose the number of participants. It is also possible to not have a cap at all so they can continue to use the study for as long as they like. There isn't a charge for participants when sourcing from the researcher's list. Please note that Validately cannot pay people on unmoderated testing when sourcing from the researcher's own list.

Further down, the choice can be made whether to have the participants give their names and emails or remain anonymous.

The final option is a preview link to give your study a dry run. Copy and paste the link provided in a new browsing tab or send it a colleague. If this is a mobile study, the link can be emailed for it to be opened on a mobile device. This link doesn't expire as long as the study isn't launched. The sessions done in the preview are not recorded or saved.

Once the study is ready, it can be launched. The study link is provided in the Share tab. It can be sent out to anyone the researcher likes.

Happy Testing!!

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