Success URLs are a great way to find out if a participant does or does not get to the expected URL.  It is not a way for a participant to finish a task, as not getting to the "success URL" is equally important information.
The tester is not aware if they have reached the success URL and is told to complete a task when they *think* they are done.


What if the Starting URL and the Success URL happen to be the same:
You can also have a scenario where the starting URL is, then task 2 starting URL is The success URL can be shown as and it still works even though that was the starting URL for task1.

Wildcards:  Let’s say you task is deemed successful if the tester navigates to a particular URL during the task, but it could be more than 1 particular URL. You can use a wildcard character to match any URL.


Will match anything starting with and the star at the end means anything after. For example, it will match and

You can place the wildcard character anywhere, not just at the end.



Will match and

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