Think of Native App testing as being able to see the test participant's entire desktop, only it's on their Android phone. 

Native App testing is available for your moderated and unmoderated research studies. 

Start by building your study and selecting Mobile > Native Apps (Android ONLY). Then, continue building you study.

For the starting URL enter the URL from the Google Play Store. It should start with this:

You can also test with apps that are in Beta on the Google Play Store. These apps should have links that look like this:

Note: with Beta testing, make sure your participants are given access to the Beta from the Google Play Store. Beta testing is only available on Open status apps. (see referenced link/article for more info)

After sending your test participants the study URL, they will be prompted to download the Validately Native app from the Google Play Store.

If the participant does NOT have your Android app installed, they will then be prompted to install it before joining the session.

Here is a link to a video of the onboarding experience for a test participant. Video link

As the moderator, you can see everything on their phone, including where they tap. If you want them to show you another app they use, they can press the home button and go to any app they wish. You as a moderator see all of this, allowing you to test with other apps on the user's phone. 

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