This video provides a good overview of how to do a good talk aloud.

Make sure you:

  1. Are connected to a strong WiFi or Ethernet network
  2. Are in a quiet area with no background noise
  3. Are using a good headset/microphone where possible
  4. Are talking aloud while you work, describing what you're seeing and doing
  5. Are being thoughtful and honest about your answers--these answers will help researchers to improve their websites and apps!  
  6. Read all the Tasks carefully and understand what you are supposed to be doing
  7. Finish all Tasks and answer all questions

If your recording does not upload from your device, the client cannot see your response and cannot pay you for your time.  

Please ensure all your equipment is working correctly and your network connection is very strong (  *Strong download and upload are needed, with a minimum of 25-30mbps download and a minimum of 10-12 mbps upload.  Anything less than this, and you may see that recordings do not upload reliably.  

Recording stuck uploading?  See also here

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